Electronic registration for the digital age

Safety and security for all pupils

Do you know exactly which students are still in school outside of normal lesson time?

While schools often look to improve security and functionality of their regular sign-in and registration systems, all too often breakfast and after-school clubs are overlooked.

With ClubReg, outdated paper registration systems can now be a thing of the past. Finally, staff leading extra curricular activities can have a digital registration system that links with the rest of the school.

Fire Evacuation

Your school should be prepared for the worst, whatever time of day it is. Our Fire Evacuation app will ensure your staff has an up-to-date record of the pupils in attendance at all times. There is nothing more important to us than student safety.


“What made the system really stand out was how easy it was to install and use. This coupled with the low cost were what made us go with it.

“It meets our needs better than any other system and makes life a whole lot easier, with features such as the automatic notification of a visitor’s arrival for our staff. This emails them a photograph of the person, so they know who they are looking for when they arrive in a busy reception.”

Alan Davies – Head Teacher of Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Language School

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Interested in ClubReg?

As a digital registration system for after-school and breakfast clubs, ClubReg is unbeatable. However, sometimes something has to be seen to be believed. If you would like a live demonstration of the system, or would just like more information, please get in touch with us today.